Magic mitt!

See this's magic....Introducing the easiest way in the world to remove your make up!!

My salon has recently started using a new makeup range called Jane Iredale, and the magic mitt is one of their best sellers. Its the kind of product that makes you think "what did i ever do without it?"

It is soooo handy, you don't need any products, just the mitt so it is ideal for travel, staying over at friends/boyfriends etc! It removes all mascaras..even waterproof!! I think if it can get my mascara off it must be good lol!! I think the proof of how well it removes eye makeup can be seen in the pic..once upon a time my mitt was a lovely peach colour :(

It is made from specially knitted micro-fibers, When wet they create a hydromechanical process that breaks the surface tension of the oils that bond make up to the skin. This emulsion is then swept away by the mitt. To clean it all you do is wash under the tap with an anti-bacterial hand soap...cannot be machine washed lol!!! It retails for around £15 but the cheapest i found was £11.70 on if anyone is interested :)

The great thing is that it is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive as it doesnt affect the skins natural acid happy days lol!

Has anyone heard of anything similar??xx


  1. Yes, I heard of something like this before in the year of 2007. I'm not sure if it's by Jane Iredale but I swear I heard her name before. Anyways, I was at this botox place to look at ERA cosmetics line and the lady was testing my shade out, and at the end, she took out this white mitten and removed all my makeup too. Except if I could recall it, I think there was some kind of serum or serum cleanser in the mitten that removed all of your makeup. It made your face feels so fresh and non-sticky. Now I want to try both this mittten and the one I tried back in 2007, in that particular clinic. thanks so much and do u know if the website to buy the jane mitten, ship to the usa? let me know..

  2. hi as far as i know jane iredale is an american company so im guessing these should be easy to get hold of? xx

  3. ooooh im intrigued by this - i might have to get one.
    Hope you are keeping well
    Really really miss your vids on YT.