Thank you Body shop :)


For Christmas the lovely people at the body shop sent me a gift card worth £20!

It was burning a hole in my pocket…so naturally i was straight to spend it :)

I love Christmas sales at the body shop as the butters are soooo cheap and limited edition scents are available. I usually stock up on peach and raspberry but since i have so many of these i got the passion fruit body butter and scrub and also the raspberry scrub!


I wish you could scratch and sniff because these smell divine…i also love how the scrubs have real seeds in them…v cute!





  1. The stuff looks lovely! If only it was scratch and sniff hee hee!!

    Such a cute blog! gonna follow!

    Love it if you checked mine out! xxx

  2. I love the look of the scrubs.. i had no clue they had real seeds in them! love the look of them! xx