Getting into the festive spirit!

I don't know about you guys but i haven't been feeling very festive…maybe its due to the recession but I'm seriously skint…i normally spend more on wrapping the present than the actual gift :) I just think the presentation of a gift is soooo important.  Last year i wrapped my gifts in brown paper, tied them with a red gingham bow and attached homemade salt dough ginger bread men to the bows! I wish i had a picture to show you :(

However this year due to lack of funds and time I've had to settle with good old Primark…pinks not for everyone at xmas but i think this xmas wrap idea looks good for the little time I've had…i just  the little glittery birds are so cute and cheap :)



Also some of my like minded doggy lovers might appreciate my pets xmas presents…yes she's spoilt…fat tummy's all round this xmas :)




  1. aww love the Birds so cute, I really love decorating too and normally go all out but this year I had so much to wrap I kept it simple!xx

  2. I agree, I love it when people take the time to make a present look special! :) You're look gorgeous, I love the paper! xoxo

  3. Aww what cute little birds, great idea. Like the pink paper too! x

  4. (sigh) for xmas Im mostly excited my mum isnt giving gifts just cash lol

  5. The birds make the gifts fun! Very creative!