Lush :)

Ok, so i know there has been LOTS of lush reviews lately but I just have to rant about my two favourite lush products…I'm surprised i haven't seen them blogged about before as i think they smell DEVINE :)

Also call me mad but unlike lots of fellow bloggers and friends i never get a headache in lush…in fact id love to work with that scent all day..imagine how good your hair and clothes would smell :)

Both of my favourites are bath bars as in my opinion they make the most creamy, soft bubbles…also i hate bath bombs with glitter, stars etc in them! The bars can be halved, quartered etc so they last longer and they leave my skin feeling sooooo soft and smelling great :)


Creamy candy bath: This gets brownie points for cuteness..its pink with a little flower on and the smell is uber sweet..just how i like it! Creates the softest bubbles is really moisturising on the skin!

Karma bubble bar: This scent is so unusual…oranges and spices…kind of a hippy, incense smell lol! Doesn't feel as soft on the skin as the candy bar does but this lingers on the skin much longer leaving me smelling…well….LUSH!

What are your favourite lush products?


  1. I love karma! although it looks a bit like an orange version of something the cat'd leave lieing around!
    I really want to try that pink one now xx

  2. I agree, I would love to work in Lush - imagine how lush (lol) you'd smell at the end of the day! xx

  3. Oh my gosh, I know everyone has been blogging about Lush but they really ARE amazing. I haven't tried these and now I want to! My favorites so far are Grease Lightning and Dark Angels. :)