Vichy review…

Ok, before i review these products..i have a tiny little rant!!! I do not want to seem ungrateful in any way so please do not take this in the wrong context…but..I am getting really fed up with companies sending out their products to soooo many bloggers at one time. I appreciate that they want their product to be well tested and advertised but i feel a little disappointed when i get excited about sharing a new product with you..only to find that several other bloggers on my list have already reviewed it. I can only imagine that it gets boring for my followers too? This isn't a dig at Vichy, in fact it has happened a lot…remember all the Maybelline mascara reviews anyone lol?! It kind of makes me not want to review the product even if i love it as i worry it will be old news etc?! Am I wrong for saying this, or does anyone else feel the same? Its lovely that companies send me things i just wish they would maybe send each blogger they chose maybe one product so we each have a different one to review rather than 6 cleanser reviews! Just a point i wanted to bring up to see if it is just me who feels this way?

Anyway…i got sent the cleanser, moisturiser and body cream-milk!

Firstly i must say i love the packaging…pink! :) It seems like a very spring/summer product to me, the scent lends itself to those seasons too. It is a very fresh and light smelling product range which i like for the daytime!


My favourite product of the bunch is the body cream, and to be honest it is the only one of the three I will repurchase. I think it is spot on for what i require from a body cream:

  • It is rich but soaks in straight away, no nasty white film and rubbing for minutes on end lol!
  • Very moisturising
  • Doesn't lift fake tan…over the xmas period I've worn fake tan. my normal body butters lift the tan due to high oil content but this beauty doesn't..extra brownie points :)

The cleanser and moisturiser are again good but i do feel i have tried better products for my skin personally…the body cream is definitely worth a try especially if you wear fake tan or are impatient with waiting for moisturisers to soak me lol :)



  1. True, but nobody's forced to read yet ANOTHER post on a specific item. I skipped the 5001 reviews on that Pulse Perfection mascara (which is still unopened btw) after reading the first 3.

    We all have different blog readers so somebody will read your post and it'll be the first time they've seen the review, not to mention all your unique blog visitors too.

    I DO see the point you're making though as that Skin MD natural is gonna flood UK blogs any day now. I've also got the Vichy stuff too but won't be reviewing it until next month. PR companies are gonna send their clients LATEST products so unfortunately that means more often than not, everybody will be sent the same things.

  2. Glad you see my point hun..just dont want to bore my followers lol! :) xx

  3. LOL I know what you mean..I've just spotted another Skin MD post. I was gonna get my Dad to test it out but dunno if I can be assed to now LOL

  4. I know what you mean, it can be boring seeing the same products being reviewed but to look on the bright side, at least it gives people varied opinions so they can decide what would be best to buy for themselves. Like I loved the moisturiser, but not everyone thought it was that great. So everyone is different I guess!