Is shopping in H&M kids wrong?? lol!

I love the baggy hat trend..but my head is too small…either that or my hair is too glossy as they will not stay on my head!!! I've tried Kirby gripping them on too..grrr! So i went to Lakeside and Blue water on Sunday and whilst shopping in H&M i decided to go swoon over the hello kitty stuff in the kids department and stumbled over the cutest hat…and guess what it fits me lol!

I'm sure i looked a Pratt trying on children's hats but oh well…i love it! It has a cute beige bow on it too!! Did i mention i loooove bows lol! they also had it in grey with a pink bow! what do you think??

Oh and did i mention:£2.99 :))))))


I also had to make a quick pit stop at primarni and got this gorgeous makes a stylish laptop case as i take mine everywhere, but I'm sure it will double up well as a holiday holdall :)




  1. Really cute purchases! Yesterday I was in Zara and picked up a really cute scarf from the kids section.. I love it! :)

  2. I love the pretty floral print on your bag! I just throw my laptop in a backpack if I need to haul it somewhere. This is much cuter!


  3. I adore that hat, looks lovely on you. Great girly bag! xxN

  4. lovely bag! I've been searching for a similar bag for ages but no luck! :S

    Vendella :)

  5. Oh I love that bag I have to get to Primark and soon xx

  6. Can't be wrong if you got a bag like that out of it :D Please follow me and make my day? Love your blog :)xx