cardigan crazy and haul :)

After seeing holly’s haul video on all the goodies H&M had to offer i decided to pop to Cambridge for a bit of retail therapy!

I was after the peacock top in her haul..but no such luck..seriously I'm desperate for this top grrrr! Anywhoooo, i still got some lovely bits, Holly is right there are some really different pieces in there at the mo…but what i have noticed is that H&M’s prices have increased a lot :S


I got a peach and charcoal grey ruffle top..i love the length of these and they are surprisingly flattering for horizontal stripes. I love how feminine these are. Also these are really versatile i would wear these with a cardi, boots and leggings to a meal or with leggings high heels and bling for a night out! Good job they're so versatile considering they were £30 each!! P.s..i didn't mean to look so snobby in the 2nd pic hahah!!


Also i got 2 cardigans..the cream one from top shop..i love the woven detail and then the purple from was a bargain at £6.99 and the colour is very unique….as you can tell i have a little obsession with cardis, i think they finish off any outfit and i prefer wearing them to coats…at the current count i own 24, yikes!!



  1. I agree H&M prices have gone a bit sky high!
    You have picked up some lovely things though, love the ruffle peach top

  2. I'll have to check out h&m, i really like the peach top and that woven cardi x

  3. Just stumbled across your blog im now following


  4. You look lovely as usual. I love ruffles :) I actually bought my first cardigan last weekend!

  5. omg I thought I had to many at 7 LOL But its ok they all look good

    as long as you work it

  6. Wow 24 is alot! But I love wearing them to :) XO