Redken spray starch...mrs potato head lol!

There comes a time, doesn't there, when you rekindle your love for an old, forgotten product.

Where have you been for the past few years of my life spray starch??

I used to use this stuff all the time when i worked as a junior in a hair salon..and for some reason when i left i just never got around to repurchasing.

My hair is thick and really holds the point that i can go to bed with wet hair and it still be damp in the morning..nightmare lol! So the last few times I've gone out, whether I've curled or straightened my hair as soon as I've started to get a little hot in a bar/club my hair is attacked by frizz!!

Now, before i straighten or put my hair in rollers i spritz this over my dry hair. The smell is gorgeous by the way :) It really does as the name starches the hair, giving your style a 'memory' the curl or straightness will stay put! However don't let the starch part put you off it leaves the hair flexible..not crispy and stiff like you'd imagine!

Ive used this on a few nights out now...I've danced like a mad woman and my hair hasn't frizzed and its held its style thoroughly recommend this to anyone who's hair is thick and unruly and tends to frizz on nights out, friends with fine hair hated this..oh and if you've ever visited Florida this is a must have for your suitcase...humidity hell :))))

RRP: £12.25...however it can be found much cheaper on the web!

Anyone tried x


  1. My hair is exactly the same, it's a nightmare when I want to curl or straighten in a hurry. The Umberto Gianni hair mask is really good for a night out because it weighs your hair down really well and stops it frizzing. I'll definitely be trying some of this spray as well :) xx

  2. This stuff sounds great! my hairs alot shorter than yours but my gosh it takes bloody forever to dry too! xx

  3. Have you ever had a problem w/ this product or the redkin line in genenral making you scalp dry???

    It always happens to me =(

  4. Where can you buy it in the uk? I've seen lots of reviews of Redken but have never actually seen it on sale :(

  5. i got it from my salon i know trade secret sells it..i think this is a chain store, if not try online x