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I dont know about you, but i dont remember the last time i purchased a magazine.

I think the reason for this is that reading a good blog is far more interesting and the fashion/beauty reviews are actually much better than the mags can offer.

So here are a few of my faves that brighten up my week- please never stop blogging- you are saving me a fortune on mags ;) p.s i hope you dont mind me snatching your photos :)

Amy Antoinette

Ive been lucky enough to meet Amy and she is as lovely in person as she comes across on her blog.  I lover her shabby chic style and almost everything she purchases i want!

Beauty fulfilled-

Kaushal is lovely and has just started making youtube vids too :)  She always writes really in depth, honest reviews.

Emily Charlotte-

I love this girls honesty- rare in the blogging world sometimes.  I love seeing what she gets up to on a weekly basis and her recipes always make me want to lick the screen!!!

Lily loves Lola-

She shares my love for our four legged friends and all things Disney.  I would quite like a relationship like hers *sigh*.  This blog just makes me happy :)

Rockstar diaries- 

I love following this little family.  I have never seen such smiley people.

Milk bubble tea-

One of my absolute favourites- beautiful photography and shes just comes across as an absolute sweetie.

Yummy mummys beauty blog-

I pretty much buy every nude lip colour Holly blogs about!  She also has great style.

So there we have it- thats just a few of my faves- im sure most of you have already subscribed to/heard of these fab blogs but if you havent you most definitely should.

T xxx


  1. Thanks for mentioning me Tiffany! Lovely to know you still read my blog after all these years :) xxx

    1. Im sure everyone reads your blog anyway but its nice to feel the love right?!! Ha it is scary how many years its been really isnt it- time flys- please keep doing what you're doing :) xxx

  2. What a lovely post, i totally agree about preferring blogs to magazines too! xx

  3. Thank you Tiffany for the lovely mention! Such a nice post. I really love all the other blogs, Amy and Becky's are personal favourites!xxx

    1. Thats ok my sweet- thanks for keeping me entertained with your lovely blog :) xxx

  4. aww, what a lovely post! i'll have to check them all out :) thanks for sharing!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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