20 facts tag..

Hopping on the bandwagon as ive really enjoyed being nosey :) Oh and i thought id add a silly photo for good measure!

  1. I love Turkish delight.
  2. Im very nostalgic- i love sitting with someone and chatting about old t.v shows, sweets, adverts, memories etc.
  3. America is my favourite country in the whole wide world so far.
  4. I love trashy t.v- anything on MTV or late night channel 4 usually does the trick ;)
  5. I have an obsession with dior poison perfumes
  6. Sweetpea is my favourite scent
  7. My girl crush is Kim Kardashian- standard really!
  8. I would love to visit Borneo to help the orangutans
  9. I have swam with Dolphins
  10. I have a weakness for cute stationary
  11. I have to light scented candles every night
  12. I cant fully chill out if my room is messy- cluttered space- cluttered mind!
  13. Im currently losing weight through slimming world and really enjoying it
  14. I have a grandad that ive never met as my dad is adopted and we cant find him :(
  15. I could spend hours in poundland and Hobbycraft- and im proud of it ha!
  16. I have far to many hobbies for my own good and often get annoyed at myself for taking so much on!
  17. My dream is to live in a cottage and be surrounded by shabby chic decor
  18. My favourite breed of dog is a chihuahua
  19. I worry about other people opinions far too much
  20. Pigs are my favourite animals- so much so that i havent eaten pork for over ten years (and yes i do miss bacon butties)

Please send me your links- i love a good nose.

T xxx


  1. Love these kind of posts Tiffany x

    1. Me too-super nosey but I feel boring compared to other people lol xxxx