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Happy new year!!!

Im feeling fresh as a daisy due to being a boring old fart and going to the cinema and grabbing a curry for my new years celebrations :)

Yesterday i had to take my canon dslr back to jessops as it had the fatal error 30 flashing up- which is a little disappointing considering ive only had it for three months :(  I now feel so lost without it.  Whilst popping through to Cambridge i stopped at homesense (i love this store) and added a few pretty books to my collection.  Is anyone else obsessed with pretty cook books?

I have lusted after the above book for a long time now.  At a rrp of nearly £30.00 ive never been able to fully justify the purchase.  As fate would have it i saw the only one lying amongst a stack of not so pretty cookbooks for a bargain £10.00.  This book is just so beautiful- the silver gilded pages, the pretty illustrations- everything.  I'll be the first to admit the recipes are the least exciting thing to me about this book- it will be mainly used to adorn my coffee table.

My new years resolution is to bake more- so maybe these books will get used at some point.  Do you have any new years resolutions and do you have any pretty book recommendations.

P.s: Ive seen this on a few blogs now and think its a fab idea: Good things jar for 2013.

The idea is that you write things down as they happen throughout 2013 and then open them next new year.  I think this rocks as like many we always remember the bad/negative points and forget how good the year was to us.  I personally am trying to make 2013 'MY' year for once so this should have plenty of good notes in come new year 2014 - will look forward to sharing this with you guys next year :)


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