Banana powder.

Im guilty, I purchased this after seeing Khloe and Kim Kardashian and tweet about it- however rather than being your typical celebrity hype product it has fast turned into a makeup staple for me.
I am mixed race with my father being both Swedish and Sri-lanken, and for me most setting powders leave me looking quite ‘ashey’ like ive packed on the talcum powder.  I have found that the yellow colour of banana powder is fantastic for olive and darker skin tones and practically ‘melts’ into my skin, adding and taking nothing away which is just what I want from a setting powder.  
It does what it says on the tin and keeps shine at bay- something of which is really important to me as i do have a very oil T-zone.  It does last all day too, but then considering it is affectively a stage make up, i would come to expect this.
My only criticism with this is that I do tend to waste a lot of product.  I have to tip the guesstimate amount required into the tiny lid and attempt to swirl my brush around in it.  This results in major spillage or tipping the left over’s into the bin :/

I also wish that they would come up with a compact version for on the go and less waste- however whether the solid version would work as well im not so sure.
I think it is definitely worth the money, I just wish it was a little easier to get hold of in the u.k.  I purchased mine in the states but I’m pretty sure it is available from eBay- delivered from America.
Has anyone else tried Banana powder?  How have you found this product?
T xxx


  1. I've been meaning to buy this powder in translucent all week after reading such great reviews about it! I've yet to find a powder that doesn't make me look chalky so look forward to trying this out (plus its so cheap!) - I found it in stock in the UK here:

    hope that helps! xx

    1. Thanks emma- didnt know i could get it here :) xxx