dove hair minimising review!!

The lovely jaz contacted me to do a trial for the new dove anti-perspirant deodorant that is said to leave underarms feeling hair free for longer!! It may seem that I've been lazy in doing this review but my idea was to give it a 4 week trial to really see any results..this way i thought the product would get a fair review!!

Ok so before i used this product i did take the plunge and grew my under arms..and then took pics!!! My plan was to then shave..thank god....and then use the dove and take pics a few weeks after......however i have not seen enough of a hair difference to warrant putting the nasty pics up lol!!

So although for me (i must say i have strong critters under my arms lol) i did not see any less hair i must say the scent is lush and my skin under the arm was much...much smoother! The hairs are also softer! I usually use mitchum roll on as i do suffer with nervous sweats lol and my job is physical so i have found mitchum is a trusted faithful!! For me the dove did not provide enough protection against sweating but this may be due to my physical job?!

So my advice...give it a whirl...if nothing else soft skin and smelling lush is a definite!! xxx


  1. Thanx for the review. I use Mitchum too, I've tried all the rest, & this is the most trusted.

  2. i was in boots nearly dieing smelling the 3 options of this deodrant! i thought they were awful, but managed to stand one fragrance so bought it (mainly the novelty factor) & its made no difference to mine so far! but is enough protection for me so i will continue & hope to see it work!!

  3. I use Mitchum too and have done for a long time - does the job for me lol.