Loves and hates x


Finding old songs: when i was sorting out my car to sell i found tonnes of cds...before the days of ipods!! Couldn't resist listening to are a few i completely forgot i loved..Sophia literally makes me feel so goose pimply i love her voice!! I also love memories attached to it:)

Looking after my hair: Effort of applying masks, leaving conditioner on for more than 30 secs has really paid off, my ends look much better!!

Finally selling my car: Its nice to have that weight off my shoulders, its nice that i can now start looking to buy a new one that hopefully wont be another dud lol :)
My brother: Haha not in too much of a mean way..but he has a little obsession of getting his saw mask and jumping out on me..hes 21 just to stress how weird this is lol..heart attack soon me thinks! Why do men love scaring us girls??

Politics: Yes its important to vote, but do any of them ever deliver what they promise?hmmmm?!

Right im off...mainly to check if my brother is hiding in my cupboard etc lol!!


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  1. love love love sophia! ive never heard anyone say sophia like that before.. its such a beautiful song! just found your blog btw.. its lovely! you have a new follower :) <33