Kerastase hair masque review :)

I'm going on holiday in less than a month, and given how long and thick my hair is i thought id better start prepping it for the sizzling sun! Because of the length of my hair and the colours I've applied over the years, its quite damaged and brittle at the ends! It can often feel waxy and rough at the ends so it was time to take action!

 So i went to my salon and had a treatment, they shampooed my hair and then left the masque on for 30 mins. I was so impressed i bought a tub of kerastatse nutritive, the smell (which i think smells like fresh stayed in my hair all day and night, a few friends at dinner asked about my perfume and it was actually my hair they could smell! My hair felt so silky, bouncy and not at all weighed down and limp.

Since then i have deep conditioned it every two weeks, i wash my hair and then towel dry it..this is important as wet hair means the hair cuticle is flooded with water so it cannot absorb any product until slightly dried! Then i slap on the good stuff from my chin down through to the ends and pop in a bun....then i grab a sexy shower cap and let the heat from my head help the product absorb! I tend to leave this on for hours, the longer the better in my opinion, as i like the scent to last! I may look like a deli worker, but my hair loves me for it :)

Now i know hair masques can be expensive, this one cost me £23 (cheaper online tho :)) but i have tried budget masques and they just do not compare. For one the scent does not last in the hair, and they left my hair limp  :( I tried the superdrug coconut and henna ones, and seriously, yes they're cheap but its an utter waste of money for someone with hair like mine who needs expensive nutrients and minerals (it contains glucose, proteins and lipids) to repair the my advice is spend a little extra and you wont regret it!! 

Has anyone tried this masque? Or do you have any other faves from the kerastase range? 


  1. Thanks for the review!!I really need a new good hair mask!!!

  2. oo this sounds interesting. I always use the resistance line from Kerastase, and especially love the "Ciment Thermique" heat protecting milk. It really is the best thing I've used for my hair, but would love to try a hair mask!

  3. good review! I'm thinking about using some of the Kerastase products and may now look closer into them as my hair is pretty dry after all the bleaching :o) x

  4. I LOVE Kerastase products, they are my absolute faves! i come back to them time and time again as I don't think anything else works as well. My new favourite masque from them is the Oleo Curl one in the yellow tub with the orange lid. They are expensive but i find you need to use less as they're so effective.

    I also love their Chroma Riche fluid - best serum ever :)


  5. Ooooo i really wanna try the superdrug stuff!