Cloud 9 :)

For a long time now..things have been do i put this....tits up for me lol!! Nothing has been easy, i know in comparison my problems are a mere scratch when it come to real problems, but you know what its like when everything is just going so wrong and all you want is a tiny bit of luck!
Firstly I couldn't afford to run my huge engine car anymore so i popped it on auto trader...two days later the clutch i ended up having to let it sell for peanuts :(
Then my best friend of 14 years goes travelling :(
And finally, they say it happens in threes i blogged before..i left my job at a salon to work as an estate agent with the promise of better hours so i could concentrate on my makeup..putting myself on courses and doing lots of wedding makeups with my free weekends! Well, that was an absolute disaster...9-7 no lunch, no contract, horrible boss and out trying to sell a property on my own on the second day...joke right. Id hoped that job would provide me with lots of confidence etc but in reality it was making me less confident as i was left to deal with things i had no idea about which made me feel stupid...i was promised adequate training also..boy do estate agents lie lol!!
Well anyway since then I've been doing freelance work for a studio near me and just general bits and bobs to ensure bills are paid etc! Then here's where fate steps in....I'm a huge believer in fate and i truly believe no matter what the situation..all things happen for a reason, we may not realise the relevance of the lesson at the time..but one day you'll be thankful for all that went wrong as it led you to good places in life!
So i went to MAC to get my back to MAC (remember I'm unemployed, this was the only way to get a free fix lol) and every time i go in i do the same...ask if any jobs are going and what courses they would recommend...and it turned out i was chatting to the manageress..who noticed i had a pro card and asked what part of the industry i was in etc...We got chatting about the makeup i do for photo shoots and she seemed very impressed and then passed me a receipt with a link on it..she told me to go to the site and said id be perfect for the assistant managers role. Me being me with no confidence, thought id never get through the phone interview..but i did :) Today i had my verbal interview, and then when i got home an hour later i had a note from my excited mum telling me to call mac back...i have my practical interview i am practically over the moon...i know i shouldn't get so excited as the job is by no means mine yet, but its so hard not to, this is my dream job...i think id cry if i got it..and trust me I'm not a cry baby lol! So just wanted to share my excitement..and if i don't get the job..i guess that's fate again..but things seem to be looking up for me now, happy days :)

Have any of you girlie's interviewed for mac..if so let me know if i am getting over excited or if the job is almost mine?!!


  1. Sending you tonnes and tonnes of luck my lovely :) You deserve only good things to happen to you after a run of bad luck, so I'll be keeping my fingers tightly crossed for you xxxxx

  2. That's so great for you! Good luck with the last stage tomorrow!

  3. xoxox...i will keep you posted...dont want the bubble to has to happen...come on karma!!! xx

  4. huuuge believer of karma! all the best hun! xoxo

  5. i believe everything happens for a reason too and sometimes we need to take a few steps back to take a BIG step forward. this could be your big step :)

    i know i don't know you personally, but i'm happy for you :)

    let us know if you got the job!


  6. Wow sounds like you deserve some good luck hunny! Sending you lots and lots of good luck wishes and big hugs xxx

  7. Aww lovely im sorry to hear the other job wasnt good but good luck for the new job =) xx

  8. Wow! Good luck! I am a huge believer that whenever one door closes, another opens. My cousin works for MAC and she loves it. I hope it all works out for you!

  9. aww fingers and everything crossed for you tiffany. I hope you get the job and its everything you wanted. ooh keep us update. :)