Tear jerkers tag!

Ok so despite being stupidly girly...im actually a tough cookie..i really struggled to think of five films that have brought a tear to my eye...so if these suckers make me cry..they must be good lol!

The notebook: This is by far my favorite film...it was the first film that got me crying in a cinema..beautiful story and so, so romantic...why cant men in this lifetime be like Noah?? x

My sisters keeper: Oh my god the first film where i cried the whole way through and not just at the ending..so, so sad. They show you far more than i ever thought they would...left me feeling really humble...even men were crying to this one..please go and see it..i think the girls deserve an Oscar they were so likable and believable!

The green mile: Hmm I've just realised that the top 3 are all books too...interesting! Yep this film is on most peoples list..how could they kill john coffee..oh and little Mr jingles..bless xx

Watership down: Told you i don't cry much at films so now I'm really scraping the barrel and going back to my childhood.....i still cant listen to the song "bright eyes" without getting teary eyed...i think my love of animals came into this one ha..i still cry if anyone hits a bunny in a car..sad lol!

The pursuit of happiness: I watched this on a plane to America and me and my friend were in floods..theres something about men crying that sets even me off..fab film!


  1. I agree with all of them (apart from My Sisters Keeper which I haven't seen yet.. am saving it for dvd!)

    The Pursuit of Happyness is sooo sad. xx

  2. I went to see my sisters keeper the other day...deary me i cried like a baby. haha xxxx

  3. I cried at My Sisters keeper. Did you read the book? it has a different ending from the film. I cried so much at that aswell.

  4. jesse: yeah i was annoyed the film was diff from the book! x

  5. I tagged you on my blog!

  6. Hey I tagged you :) see my blog for details xxx