Heros and villains comp! "Why so serious??"

So i am running out of time to do this on myself but i so, so wanted to enter..then i rememberd a few months ago i did a look of the Joker on my friend for my fancy dress party!

I was really happy with the results of this look...considering ive never done anything like this before and my friend has a real baby face (lol) i was shocked how good this looked on him:

For the night we sprayed his hair green too! I created this look using a product called rigid collodium...it goes on wet and then dries crating a scared look...i lined this on his forehead...along the lips to make the famous scars and a bit under the eyes to add age to the look!

Then literally all i used were white, red and black clown paints. I then used black eyeliner to deepen the colour of the eyes. To make the look look not so perfect white i then flicked the face with water..to create a sweaty,desheveled look!!

This look was great when put with the full costume and my friend kept licking his lips in the joker style tut tut lol!! xx


  1. ahhh scary!! lol it's great :) xx

  2. wow, you did such a good job on him!!!

  3. Hi hon! Was so lovely to meet u @ TBS - are u going to Maybelline?

    I love your joker entry!

    Carla xx

  4. woah. he's looks super creepy. good job! :)