mac came yay!

My long awaited mac goodies...these are special as they were my first pro card all these goodies only cost £71 yayyyyyy!!

Also I'm excited as these babies complete my eyeshadow palette..yay first full palette!
Swatches on my hand aren't great but they are from left to right...retro speck, patina (love it sooo much),beauty marked, gleam (again a fave) and print!
I also got the 187 and 226 brush also the shark skin shade stick...I'm off to place my next order now ooopppss!! xxxx


  1. Nice haul!!! :) you must be thrilled. xx

  2. hello tiffany! you got some nice stuff there. i'm jealous. do you mean you got everything for 71? including the 2 brushes? no way! if that's the case i'm gonna be even more jealous. lol

  3. Great haul, did you order by ringing the mac mail order number? Just wondering if they do the pan eyeshadows am not sure if they sell pro products?

  4. I'm one shadow away from completing my first MAC palette :) Better make it a good one!

  5. yep all that cheap with 25% discount yay x