The Lipstick Chronicles...Mac Relentlessly Red

So as i own SO many lip products I saw it fit to show a few of them off...enter the lipstick Chronicles.

Each week i will post a new colour...well until i run out..don't worry we should be good for a few months ;)

This week its the turn of Relentlessly Red..i love this matte pinky/red.  Its not too drying *ahem, yes i mean you, ruby woo*


The colour does last all day and has not transferred to my teeth to my knowledge lol..I always get compliments on this lip colour so id suggest a swatch when you're next in Mac.

Sorry for the pic quality, my DSLR was not to hand today so the photos were taken on my iphone!

Have you tried this or loathe?

Lippy link!!!

T xxx

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  1. I've got the same one and I love it :)