Oh JoY in Brighton...

I visited Brighton on Saturday for the first time.

We were lucky enough to have had lovely weather as it seemed the rest of the country received oodles of rain. Now on to Brighton itself...I loved the lanes..just as i knew i would but the town centre wasn't as nice as id anticipated. We ate lunch close to the sea front at a place called The New Club which i can really recommend..i mean they served slaw in a mug...thumbs up from me! :)

 I am currently obsessed with watermelon and pineapple prints/ items...so was chuffed when i found a pineapple trinket and a salt and pepper shaker set from JoY...the boyfriend cannot wait for these to be a new addition to his home :/

I also visited Choccywoccydoodah..well it would be rude not to wouldn't it.  I don't know how..but i didn't end up purchasing anything..miracles do happen!

We ate our evening meal at Prezzo along the marina which was also lovely...all in all Brighton was good to us...the only bug bear was the 3 hr drive grrrr!

Have you been to Brighton...did you love or hate?

T xxx

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