Outfit of the eve...

Today the weather in my patch has been bloomin glorious!

My day started with a bike ride to waitrose to buy ingredients for copycat chicken crisper's...can you tell i miss Florida :(.

We then popped to Granchester orchard tea rooms- if you are ever in the area i urge you to visit as its such a great place to chill out..and the food is yummy :)

Now onto the outfit..I've debated about doing these posts....partly because I'm a size 14...gasp...in the blogging world of perfect size 8's that's large i suppose.  I'm not exactly confident with my shape but i am fed up of not being able to find great bloggers that are my size...it would be nice to imagine myself wearing some of the lovely clothes some of my favourite bloggers post...but alas it is just not going to happen.
So although i don't LOVE my size, i think i dress ok for my shape and hopefully you lovely lot might appreciate a slightly larger blogger sharing outfit ideas? Anyway let me know...but be nice :)

I should mention that i am a manager for New Look- therefore the majority of my clothes will inevitably be from my store...well it would be silly not to take full advantage of my discount ;)I'm now off to see Maleficent...I've heard great things so im really looking forward to it


  1. It is really great to see this outfit post! You should definitely do more! Once I feel a little more confident about myself I'll be sure to post OOTD's. Good on you for doing it! You look beautiful!
    My best friend has just left New Look but know she loved her discount, great bargains!!!

    Josie x


    1. Thank you so much Josie- you should deffo do an outfit post- you have nothing not to be confident about :) xxx