July favourites...


Here are some of the products I'm loving so far in July.

Estee Lauder- Bronze Goddess- 

I have been a fan of this since it was first released.  As it is limited edition i find myself only using it now and again as i love it so much i don't want to waste it..anyone else like this lol..special occasion perfume.  However with the nice weather and holidays this month I've found myself over indulging in it...ooops!  If you haven't smelt it you must...i don't know anyone who hasn't commented on its scent whilst I'm wearing it- it just smells like holidays in a bottle..and who doesn't like holidays!

Toni and Guy- Classic gloss serum- 

I received this in a glossy box and after using my Moroccan hair oil up I've been using this and loving it.  Its lightweight and non-greasy which is a plus as some can leave my hair feeling dirty and lank.  I use this on wet hair before drying and also on dry when its feeling a little dry and frizzy on the ends.

Rimmel- Kate moss lipstick- 

I got this a while ago in shade 101 and found it quite drying so stopped using it.  Since then i apply to balmed lips and all is good.  I love this colour and have worn it to several weddings this month it also smells like parma violets- win, win.

Aussie- Aussome volume mousse- 

I got this whilst in the states- its great for volume- even on my heavy, lengthy hair and doesn't leave that yucky crispy feeling.  It smells like watermelon but I'm not entirely sure if this is available in the UK...*sob*

Koolaid- cherry!

Ok, so totally non beauty related, however i have been drinking this non stop so far this month.  I am obsessed with cherry flavours so grabbed a few bottles of this in Florida.  I have been trying to drink more at work so this has been helping...it says no calories..i don't know how as its so yummy but hey ill go with that :/

Please link me to your favourites :)

T xxx

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