ysl rounge volupte!

Ok, so i know these aren't new,new...but i just have to rave how fab these are!! Now I'm a huge magpie and when i first saw these babies in an airport back in September i thought BLING, BLING!! Yes they come with a hefty price tag at £20 a pop but the colour is so dense and the stick itself feels sooooo moisturising when on...i can deff see this lippie lasting a while!! Not only that but it has a cute mirror on the base and looks damn right fab when pulled out of your hand bag!! I personally have number 13 and I'm hoping to get number 2 after xmas...lush!!!

oh p.s: they smelly yummy too :) xx

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  1. I have 1, 10 and 13. I can't get enough of these at the moment, they are incredible!x