Looking like a simpson...mac style!!

Hmmmmm confusion time.....Ive used MAC for 4 years now and my first product was the all important select foundation SPF 15 in NW25 i must add that this was chosen for me by a mac consultant! Now guys seeing as you can see pics of me i would say i was a warm tone? Well wrong....every time Ive gone to get a new bottle and stated the colour I've had confused mac faces stare back at me!"NO NO" they'd say "your definatly a cool tone as i can see yellow in your skin"! Ok so trusting them i have let them on 2 occasions do my base in NC30 AND NC35....both looked great in the MAC stores, however step out side and woah....jaundice/simpson overload i looked yellow.....so much so my friends walked around lakeside weeing themselves with laughter! I just do not get it how can most mac consultants now say I'm NC? Problem is that i used to think my NW25 was fab for me and now I'm doubting it!! Grrrr so id be grateful if you guys looked at my pics and gave your verdict as I'm totally confused...as you might be able to tell lol!! ta duckies!! xx


  1. Your skin just looks tanned to me? (no help i know lol) But if your happy with the old foundation stick to it! Consultants do get it wrong. Thanks to a lovely boots consultant i was walking around looking like a ghost cos she recommended a shade 3 times lighter than my skin and assured me it was my perfect lol

  2. well im gunna give it one more try tomo...going to london and i'll see what they say!!! xxx

  3. I was matched wrong buy a MA But now ive found my perfect shade. I think the yellow tones in NC would wash you out a bit.