Lip erase!!

To buy or not to buy?
That is the question!!! Now I'm not i love i mean love nude and pinky lips, and since i naturally have highly coloured red lips i always have to block them out to get the true lipstick colour! However for this purpose i either rub my foundation brush over my lips or use macs myth lippie as i think this is basically concealer colour!! Am i missing something or is this just a huge gimmick? I'm sure its very moisturising blah blah but why not save money and just take 6 items back to mac and get your free myth lippie??? let me know what your reviews on this product are????? xxxxxxx


  1. Watch my blog I'm just writing a review on Lip Erase!should be on later or tomorrow!x

  2. I think Im going to get it. Please tell me more about taking 6 things back for a Myth Lippie????

  3. happy1234: did you not know that if you take 6 used items back to mac that you get a free lippie??? this is why my collection is so big hehe!!! everyone loves a freebie!!! xxx