Hair care!!

Ok so you probably know I'm a make up snob by now and the same goes for my haircare! Now i am not snobbish at all but i do believe you get what you pay for, so rather than wasting money on things that don't work i splurge on things that will last longer and do the job well!! Its bog standard for me to wear Primark clothes but have designer shoes, make up and jewellery lol crazy but true, my friends all laugh at this but its just the way i am!! so here's my "designer" hair care goodies!!

So its out with fashionista and in with moisture manic!! i always use Tigi shampoos and i buy the big pump bottles as they last for a joke i was scrimping on the last bits of fashionista as i knew i was getting moisture maniac for it just shows you it lasts almost a year!! again this shows how expensive products go further!! I loved fashionista but i felt it was time for a change as my hair (being sooooooo long) is getting a tad dry at the ends! i really recommend the s factor range too, and i use the conditioner occasionally as a treat for my hair...maybe after a night out when its been heavily styled etc! Oh and the smell of s factor is divine...reminds me of topical and apple hubba bubba bubble gum yummy!!!!

Here's my styling products...mainly for volume!! i have real thick and voluminous hair however i love the big styled hair like Jessica Simpson's and also the length of my hair tends to weigh the roots down after a few hours so it does go kinda flat when i do not add styling products!

Products for body/volume:

*bed head small talk: this is a thickening cream that i apply mainly to the ends and then i work the remainder into my roots..its too rich to put just in roots! wet hair!

*Tigi superstar queen for a day: i spray this all over roots and massage in on wet hair.

*Tigi catwalk fashionista bigger and bigger: this can make your hair soooooo crispy if not used with caution! i use a tiny amount and start on mid lengths and work up to root on damp hair.

Products for smoothing:

*Redken all soft velvet whip: I use this on my ends when they feel super dry its a kinda leave in conditioner and it leaves my ends super soft and sleek. use on wet hair!

*Redken glass look serum: i use this on dry hair after I've straightened my hair! adds super shine with just 2 small drops!

*Loreal liss control: I use this on dry hair to add texture and sleekness to the ends!

*Tigi after party: i use this on dry hair to again add texture and god it smells lush!!

The rest of the bunch:

*Osis thrill fibre gum: this is fab for defining the fringe and ends of my hair really holds!

*Tigi bedhead hard to get wax: i use this for the scent and to add a real light hold to the ends and fringe.

*Tigi camera ready: shine spritz in a bottle!!

*Paul Mitchell heat and shine spray: i use this when I'm using major heat on my hair!! not as often as i should tho lol!!!

*Loreal hairspray: i use this when i backcomb hair or curl as it has serious hold! if i want lighter hold i use elnette!

*Loreal play ball: i use this when i let my hair dry naturally as it creates beachy waves!


  1. Where can you buy Tigi shampoo with the pumps?

  2. urm my salon does them? failing that good old ebay? thing is the beauty wholesalers i go to has tigi but doesnt let you buy unless you have an account..bummer!! xx

  3. I love love love camera ready :) xx