16 facts tagged by holly!

Here goes i hope its not too boring lol:

*Cheese is my favourite food ever...fact!! i could eat it on everything!!

*I would love to live in America and work in Epcot England as I'm mad about disney!! Ive been three times in a row!

*I drive a Peugeot 206 black convertible. i love her lots, even tho she is expensive to look after!!

*I have a habit of taking funny quotes from films and using them in everyday life...how annoying!

*I'm going to Vegas and Santa Monica in June....trying to branch out a little further than Florida lol!! Don't panic the LA Disney shall be visited haha!!

*I go to bingo on Sunday nights when theres nothing to do...sad i know but Ive won £1,500 and ive only been going 6 weeks result!!

*I love theatre, that and shopping are the only things i enjoy about London! going to see dirty dancing on the 29th Dec yay!

*Im half Swedish quarter sri laken and Portuguese, thanks dada for my tan!!!

*I make birthday cakes and jewellery in my spare time ill post a few pics...I'm not just a pretty face you see..hahha!!!

*No one knows about my blogs, not that I'm embarrassed mainly because my friends will say "whats a blog?"....I'm the net geek in my group of mates and the one who's makeup gets raided before a night out lol!

*I have a levels in English lit, theatre studies, geography and business studies...even tho I'm hopeless at maths!!!!!!!!!

*Ive got a super active mind which is why i set this up....i always have to have a new venture or hobby so this will hopefully keep me entertained lol!!

*I have seriously thought about auditioning for big brother lol! but I'm not crazy enough i don't think!

*My fave animals are pigs, bloody babe stopped me eating pork and i haven't touched it for 6 years all tho i do miss a bacon buttie :( oh and miss piggy is my kinda girl haha!!

*Despite traveling lots i actually hate flying so, so much, i take Valium to calm myself eeekkkkk!

*I have an unhealthy obsession with Jessica Simpson...i own all the newlyweds DVDs i think she is soooooooooo funny!!!


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  2. awh thsnks that would be helpful! haha im useless a tanning, im scared because im so pale that i will look so ridiculous!

  3. Great answers :) Really enjoyed reading this...same here about no one knowing about my blog...my bf does, but he doesn't really 'understand'!

    Where do you go to Bingo? Do you have to pay? When I was little I used to have a little Bingo game my Grandad used to play with me, and he'd give me a £1 if I won, haha...but your winnings are NICE!

    x x x