Shopping haul!

So i spent all of sunny yesterday in a shopping centre..dooohhh!! Oh well i got some much needed holiday goodies:

*Zara white maxi i need a black one which seem impossible to find grrr!!

*Primark yellow and white pjs

*Primark bag which i loooove! obsessed with tan stuff!!

*Grey top from primark

*Purple top from miss selfridge

*Gorgeous clips and mouse from accessorize

*Girls aloud lashes..cheryl and nicola

*Hair band from primark...i have lots of these already but they keep fraying!!

*Oh and 4 pairs of heart glasses...novelty for Vegas haha!! xx

Oh p.s....laura from my bloggy blog....they had the blossom chest in whsmith in blue go go go!! :)


  1. Mission for blue box...ON!!! Hehe :) Thanks chick...lovely hauling by the way too x x x

  2. cutee stufff ... i wanted to get me a pair of heart sunglasses ..but idk if my face shape is right for them loll

  3. Beautiful Black Maxi dress in Bay Trading, tried it on yesterday!

  4. Ahh i have that bag i love it!!
    Great haul sweetie!
    Where did you get those sunnies from sweetie?

  5. olivia theyre from primarni! x

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  7. you are just way too adorable!!!!!