More u.s.a haulage!

Ok now for some make.up haulage from the good ol u.s.a!

I have to say i went crazy in sephora...i spent farrrr too much..but at the time i was in the mind set of "you cant get this in the uk" hmmmm dangerous moto me thinks! Anyways they have so many fun palettes....lush shadow colours and best of all its all cheaper than the this is part one or the sephora splurge:

Kat von d eyeshadow palette, lorac palete, nars lola lola, nars mykonos cream shadow, Ysl frozen mango lippy:

i swatched my two faves from the Kat Von palette i love how unusual the green is :) the look of the palette is also lovely...great pigmentation and very fallout! However brushes in this kit are useless!

this is the lorac palette..i must admit i find the packaging horrid..looks like an old ladies going out bag if you ask me but i love the colours...although they are similar to the Kat Von d one ooops! The brush in this one is much better!

Nars lola lola and cream shadow mykonos...the hype of lola lola is correct...fab unusual colour i loves it! However i must say i love myknonos much, much more...i never use cream shadows but this colour id its just sooooo simple to use..i just swipe it with my finger on top of macs naked lunch and voila! Below are swatches of them both plus frozen mango lippy which i love..i just wish it would be more pigmented for the money and stay on my lips longer :( xx

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  1. I'm a bit disappointed by YSL Frozen Mango too, i think its meant to be more of a tinted lip balm, glad your backxx