Move over ghd!!

A while ago i was approached by style rush to review their straighteners, now as an avid GHD fan with crazy thick and wavy hair i was doubtful that they'd be up to much! How wrong was i.....My GHDs are now currently gathering dust and i now use stylerush straighteners..shock horror!  I even took them on holiday (soooo much less weight that ghds,more case weight for shoes :)

Theses seem to run more smoothly through my hair than my GHDS, the plates are also more "cushiony" so it doesn't feel like I'm clamping my hair in a vice lol!  All in all i love these babies...even though they are smaller than my large paddle GHDs they straighten my hair in less time, i find i don't have to go over the same piece twice so that's a plus!

I love the colour, sleekness and how light these are :)....I know most people own GHDs but just encase they break, or you need a new pair you should definitely give these a chance.  They also are the only straighteners that I've managed to curl my hair with..yaaaayyy..i always found GHDs tugged towards the end of my hair!

Before eeeekkk!

One side after :)

They will be available soon in Tescos (use you club card points?!) and ASDA for £94.96.  They come in lots of lovely colours too: White and lime, White and purple, White and orange and white and black!!

I now feel i should give other brands a chance, i tend to only trust and use the market brand leaders, and often end up missing a better product through stubbornness lol!!!



  1. Ohh I love that they are white! Very nice!! xx

  2. Hope u had a lovely holiday lovely =) x

  3. these look so good, i neeeed them! lol! xx