Attack of the frizz!

My hair is so prone to frizz, its uber porous and the slightest bit of moisture or sweat sets it off into fuzz mode!! Anyone else have this problem?? I always feel like everyone elses hair looks sleek and shiny and mine looks frizzy and dull, maybe its just me!!
Anyway for the last week I've been using a dynamic duo that have seemed to work!

Ive been using Tigi's afterparty which is a smoothing cream on the ends and headrush, which is a shine and anti-frizz spray near the roots.  Normally any products near my oily roots is a no-no, but this product is so light so no problems there! As you can see from the before and after pictures the two together definitely make a difference and, for now have solved my little dilemma!

Does anyone else have frizz problems...if so tell me your secrets lol!

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