Blouses, bouffants and bad shampoo choices!

I'm forever on the search for an all rounder shampoo! I'm usually a Tigi girl as i love the huge pump bottles they come in, they last me months!  However after working my way through most of the range i hadn't found one that i completely loved, there was always at least one niggly thing i didn't like.  Mainly i look for a shampoo that volumises, nourishes and foams well.  I have so much hair that i need the shampoo to froth a lot to make it feel clean, if that makes any sense lol :)

Any way i popped into TX maxx the other day and they had no Tigi in stock so i was lured into the pretty packaging of Tilly Parker. It didn't smell great but i thought as the rrp is £25 i thought it must be worth a whirl!  The moral of this tale is don't be tempted by pretty, professional looking packaging! The shampoo resembles hand soap and i need around eight pumps to wash my hair....and i do two shampoos so you can see this isn't going to last me long!  The conditioner is thin and resembles how the shampoo should be! However it did leave my hair feeling full of volume!! So now I'm catch twenty two, i love the results but hate using the product! Has any one else tried this range?  It allowed me to create a nice bouffant today that i did a couple of hours ago and it hasn't deflated as of yet :)

On another note i got this lovely blouse, its sold out in my size from newlook so i went to my next port of call...Ebay!  Unfortunately the picture looked nude but when it came it was pink! I will still be on the hunt for the nude one because its the one i actually wanted!


  1. Your hair looks lovely hun, a shame about the application though!xx

  2. OH wow! I'm jealous of your thick locks! :) They look so lustrous too! I have typical thin and flat Asian hair. lol. The blower is my friend. :))

    That blouse is indeed, lovely! :)

  3. Sitting in the bathtub, trying to find a review on this Tilly Parker stuff. Turns out you have the same poblem I do, where it doesn't feel clean after first wash, but second is great! Thankfully I got mine for $6 a peice!