Oh kimono...and YSL peach passion

Hi- So right about now I'm in holiday countdown mode as i go to Florida in 8 days time...woooo!!  I literally cannot wait.  However in the meantime i have been loving this Newlook kimono muchly.  I'm store manager of Newlook so I'm lucky to get all of the best bits before they sell out..which happens an awful lot recently!  I think this kimono looks so high end, i think its mainly to do with the pretty detailing on the edges..what do you think?

Que awkward pose time in order to show the arms :/...

Ive been teaming it with one of my new favourite, and somewhat a cult beauty lipsticks..YSL'S peach passion.  I love, love this colour...however as the formula is so creamy i think it will only be a short space of time before I'm shelling out my next fortune on another..sigh!
Have you tried this lipstick...do you share my love for it?

T xxx

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