Camping pods...

So a few weeks back Gary and I went "glamping" in Lincolnshire and stayed in an eco pod.  Its something we had wanted to do for a while but never got round to doing.  We found a very cheap last minute deal and headed off to literally what felt like the middle of nowhere!

The roads around Boston are some of the worst I've ever driven on and we had to go down a very long and bumpy road to get to the site.  When we got there the scenery definitely made up for it.

The pod is situated around a pretty pond which, as i found out was a haven for mosquito's ;) and the thing i liked the most was that the bathroom facilities were really modern which is rare for an off the grid experience!  there was a bell tent on site which was empty and i took a peak inside its cath kidston adorned room and was most regretful that we hadn't booked that!

The first night we had a mini BBQ and stuffed our faces with veggie sausages and chicken and then watched homelands on the macbook :)

Day two we headed to Skegness which was an experience shall we say- if you enjoy people watching as i do..this is a must visit place :/ 
On the plus side the chips and ice cream were yummy as you'd expect from the seaside and we were lucky enough to have very hot weather for September.

That night we continued our off the grid experience by having a pizza hut :)) haha...and then it was back to the pod for another round of homelands and chocolate scoffing.

Id definitely recommend this kind of weekend away if you want to completely chill- i hate to admit it but it was lovely to not have Internet access for a day or two- its surprising how long a day feels without it which is a good thing!

I made a little vlog of our trip which i will get round to uploading at some point!

Have you been glamping- did you love or loath?

T xxx

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