Long time no write….sorry :(

I have just got back from a lovely week away in Portugal so I thought id share some of my snaps and advice for anyone wanting to visit.

This is my fifth trip to Portugal and I hate to say it may well have been my last.  I fell in love with Portugal at first because it was so un-commercialised compared to the likes of Mainland Spain.  This time around I found the touts unbearable – they actually ruined my evening as I went with my friend Kim- we were after a relaxing, eating kind of holiday – not a party…because were old and boring basically J  Even old town which is a lot more laid back was over run with annoying, pushy staff offering free shots..im a bit past that im afraid lol!

Anyway, weather wise the first three days were a bit of a write off as it was very cloudy but the rest of the stay was lovely.  The main reason I visit Portugal is because of the weather – its really windy which I love as you can tan easily and sleep well at night.

We ate far too much food…Crepes, Chicken and Cheese featured daily – hence why this post is heavy on the food pictures…whoops!

Have you visited Albufeira before – let me know what you thought of it.

T xxx

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