October Musings

I can't quite believe its been well over a year since i last posted on my blog.  My relationship with this little space has been up and down over the years.  Every now and again i get a little itch to get back into it, but it never seems to last more than a couple of months, why, i do not know.

Part of me thinks blogging is dead, in that no one really reads them anymore and that its all about Youtube.  Saying this, i still have days when i binge read blogs, so maybe I'm being a pessimist?

The thought of typing and creating content that no one is reading used to really get me down and make me feel like its all not worth the effort, however, recently this has changed.  Now, i see my blog as a way to document my life, sort of like an online diary...this is probably the way i should have seen it years ago instead of creating content that i thought others would like, rather than content that made me proud and happy.

So, taking a new approach I'm going to make no promises, i will learn to post when and about what i want rather than doing it for feeling that i should - does that make sense :/?

Lets see how long it lasts hey ;)

T xxx

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