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Y spa day...

It's January, its cold, bleak, uninspiring, somewhat deflating and full of food regret...not one of my favourite months of the year at all.  So, when i received an email from Y spa inviting me to join them for a day of relaxation and pampering I can honestly say i was over the moon.

It's been a tough month moving into our new home and getting over an array of illnesses between myself and Sean so this treat was very welcomed.

So onto the big day, I had a few things running through my mind on the drive in:

  • Excitement, I've never been to a day spa before
  • shit - got to get in swimwear...in January 
  • I'm pasty...should of tanned darker 
  • I wonder if my tan will bubble off in the jacuzzi :/
  • can't wait to eat all of the goodies
  • Oh but wait, SWIMWEAR!!!
Yep, it was fair to say i was super unexcited about donning my pasty flesh in front of my new friends - not that i should have been as they are all so wonderful - but its a normal fear right?

Anyway - i have visited Whyboston lakes before for drinks and food and always loved the decor since the referb, its super luxurious and i could not wait to see what the spa had to offer.

We met the event organiser, Julie for brunch and my god what a spread they had put on...god who uses the word spread anymore?!  The chef took the time to make sure everything was visually stunning and explained each dish to us.  I can honestly say i have never tasted a better green smoothie -note to self..i must get that recipe!

After stuffing ourselves silly it was time to explore the facilities.  We were given a tour and what struck me was just how much the spa had to offer and if I'm honest I don't think the website fully showcased how wonderful it actually is.  I spent most of my time in the wonderful heated pool...then we went to dry off in the sauna which overlooks the pool.  I never did get to use the sleep room which  I regret as it looked soooo relaxing, i guess we were all too busy nattering and having fun to sleep.

I was then booked in to have a 30 minute Murad facial.  I had a lovely therapist called Alice who explained to me that Murad was a results driven range and was very informative about the products she was using on me.  I was so chuffed with the results, for only an express treatment my face was glowing after and I'm now left seriously considering buying some of the range to get those results at home.

I would love to say a huge thank you to Julie and yspa for having us - I had a blast and will definitely be returning - and next time ill be using the sleep room ;)

T xxx

October Musings

I can't quite believe its been well over a year since i last posted on my blog.  My relationship with this little space has been up and down over the years.  Every now and again i get a little itch to get back into it, but it never seems to last more than a couple of months, why, i do not know.

Part of me thinks blogging is dead, in that no one really reads them anymore and that its all about Youtube.  Saying this, i still have days when i binge read blogs, so maybe I'm being a pessimist?

The thought of typing and creating content that no one is reading used to really get me down and make me feel like its all not worth the effort, however, recently this has changed.  Now, i see my blog as a way to document my life, sort of like an online diary...this is probably the way i should have seen it years ago instead of creating content that i thought others would like, rather than content that made me proud and happy.

So, taking a new approach I'm going to make no promises, i will learn to post when and about what i want rather than doing it for feeling that i should - does that make sense :/?

Lets see how long it lasts hey ;)

T xxx

Weekly roundup...

The past week has been rubbish weather wise…I even held a father’s day bbq in this chilly weather we’ve been having – I will not be defeated lol! 
Last week I went to Woburn on a day date, held a charity event at work for the Lewy Body Society, discovered a love for battered cod (don’t laugh, I convinced myself for years I hate fish!), got soaked in a downpour, got spoilt rotten with flowers and truffles and shared an 18 inch pizza which was more exciting than you’ll ever know.  Enjoy the random shots ;) 
Hope you all had a great week! 
T xxx

Sisterhood of the world tag...

Thank you to the beautiful Daniela for this tag :)  Here goes....

1. One piece of advice you'd give to new bloggers

Enjoy it...that's why i did it when i first started in 2008 - there was no thought of money making, fame etc - it was purely a hobby and i loved it.  

2. Where in the world would you like to visit most and why?

America - I've already visited it but i really do feel like i should have been born American.  When I'm not there i crave and miss it- its a day to day problem!!  other than that - Borneo, to play with the Orangutans would be pretty awesome too :)

3. Three of your favourite blogs and why?

Lily loves Lola - Victoria is a friend of mine - her blog is so honest and pretty.  She shares my love of animals and America too :)

Daniela Scribbles - Also a real life friend of mine :) she only posts honest reviews which i value and she has a beautiful writing style :)

I Covet Thee - I think Alix is such an English rose...her photography is stunning and I'm envious of her life.

4. Which social media platform is your favourite and why?

Instagram - because I'm a photography whore.

5. Five people you'd invite to a dinner party, dead or alive.

Kim Kardashian - to stare, David Attenborough - the voice alone, Will-I-Am - hilarious, Honey Boo Boo - she would appreciate the food and Tom Hardy - no reason needed.

6. Which three products would you take on a desert island?
Mascara, Kerastase hair mask (endless supply) and red lipstick for when i need to feel fabulous! 

7. Best instagram editing app?

Hmm this is tough as i dont really edit my photos much - i just use standard filters :/

8. What do you enjoy the most about blogging?

The free stuff!!! Joking...lol... The community - i have met genuine friends through blogging.  If i could go back to 2008/09 and have the community back to the way it was i would in a heartbeat - it was a lot more honest and genuine back then and oh so very small too!

9. Full on face or natural beauty?

I'm a fan of both, depending how i feel day to day- but if i had to choose id say full on face - i love the preened, finished look and it does make you feel better i think :)

10. Would you ever be a full-time blogger?

I would love to be, but again, because the blogging world has changed so much i don't feel good enough or capable to reach that level with so many other fantastic bloggers around!  I do feel like the pond is very small now...its hard to come up with original content too :/

I really enjoyed that tag - please feel free to do this but id like to tag Lilyloveslola.

T xxx

Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm...

Its Friday!!!!! Hope you all have a great weekend planned.
Every now and again I like to fancy up my skin care regime, and by fancy up – I mean add one product :/..not so fancy huh!
Presenting the ever so fancy Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm.  A few years ago the work Collagen would have made me smirk..now im like give me all of the collagen- all of it!!!
This smells divine and massages into the skin a treat.  The product feels luxurious and more importantly it feels like a little treat every time I use it in the evenings.  I remove this with a damp flannel and my skin is oh so baby soft.  It makes my skin feel very comforted and not dry in the slightest – something I do find with water removal cleansers.
I would definitely recommend this if you have a few spare pennies as I appreciate it is a pricey pot to own..you can buy it HERE!
Have you tried this – if so, what are your thoughts?
T xxx


Long time no write….sorry :(

I have just got back from a lovely week away in Portugal so I thought id share some of my snaps and advice for anyone wanting to visit.

This is my fifth trip to Portugal and I hate to say it may well have been my last.  I fell in love with Portugal at first because it was so un-commercialised compared to the likes of Mainland Spain.  This time around I found the touts unbearable – they actually ruined my evening as I went with my friend Kim- we were after a relaxing, eating kind of holiday – not a party…because were old and boring basically J  Even old town which is a lot more laid back was over run with annoying, pushy staff offering free shots..im a bit past that im afraid lol!

Anyway, weather wise the first three days were a bit of a write off as it was very cloudy but the rest of the stay was lovely.  The main reason I visit Portugal is because of the weather – its really windy which I love as you can tan easily and sleep well at night.

We ate far too much food…Crepes, Chicken and Cheese featured daily – hence why this post is heavy on the food pictures…whoops!

Have you visited Albufeira before – let me know what you thought of it.

T xxx

Weekly Round up...

How beautiful has he weather been..so much so that a sunbasquing Phoebe made it into the photo mix!  I tried to make the most of it last week and crammed lots of bits in..so heres my week in pictures.  
Wednesday night I went late night shopping in Cambridge with my friend Kim.  Were off to Portugal in a few weeks so needed urgent holiday bits.  We ended up in Zizi’s for dinner…which of course was photographed.
Saturday night I went for a dinner party at my friend Rachels.  You know that one friend that has a pinterest style life and goes all out at parties…yep that’s her.  The food and company were amazing as always 
Sunday I spent with my friend and future business partner Nicola..were setting the foundations for a business together so we spent the day creating and brainstorming! 
Hope you had a lovely week..please send me links to similar posts :)
T xxx