CHI review!

Happy new year!!!!

Ok so i have worked my way through my new CHI products and here's what i think:

Infra texture: I have sprayed this into both wet and dry hair and yep its ok!! mainly makes the hair smell good, does and texture and movement to your style without being sticky or heavy! Also the can is super glittery...bonus!

Silk infusion: Wish id found this product sooner...their reviews were spot on! I applied it after straightening my hair and it really feels as smooth as silk!!!

Flex and hold hairspray: Now this i am not a fan of, very crispy and sticky feel not nice...i can just about bear to use it for backcombing just to use it up.

Nourish intense mask: Love this, i applied this to washed hair that i towel dried to get most of the water off my hair. i worked in a salon when i was younger and found that conditioner was ten times more effective when hair was dried off a bit, this is due to the water diluting the mask or conditioner. so on damp hair i worked a walnut sized blob into the ends and waited 5 mins....again hair was like silk fab!

Silk bath/shampoo: Loved this too, although it is definitely more of a "treatment" than a shampoo as it tends to leave hair a little flat due to how nourishing it is. I stupidly washed my hair and used the CHI mask and then curled my hair...great until it dropped out an hour later. so beware do not use this before curling it makes the hair hard to work with!

All in all i am very impressed with CHI as a range, its fab to use now and again as a hair treat! xx


  1. Did you get these from Sally? I've never seen them anywhere, but Lollypop26 has sung their praises on youtube a lot...