Utterly butterly!!!!!!

Next obsession....Body lotions and potions...espesh body butters!! Here's my little treasure chest, as you can see when i like them i normally buy two of the same lol!!!

*Tigi strawberry lemonade: smells as yummy as it smells...a fave!

*Body shop body butters: Coconut always gets compliments, raspberry and peach..i love this oh so much but its limited edition :(

*Palmers cocoa butter: very moisturising and smells v sweet!

*H n M: i buy these every summer usually to take away on hols with me as they're soooo cheap i don't mind having to leave them behind if my suitcase it too heavy due to copious shopping :)

*Bath and body works: wild cherry is the best smell in the world...shame its from USA!

*Derma logics: satsuma and strawberry...got these for Xmas off a friend haven't tried them yet!!

*Elemis: silk nourishing milk bath this can be used as bubble bath or neat on vvvvv dry skin...smells like baby talc ahhhhhh!!


  1. i know i got it im so happy! its really lovely! i love gorgeous and satin taupe, the scant doesn't really show up though i dont know why? Yeah the packaging is lush haha xx

  2. I like the body shops coconut butter - esoecially in summer - smells yummy and reminds me of holidays lol

  3. I see you picked up a raspberry! I go crazy in body shop when its half price lol im going back tomorrow for more peach!!

  4. I LUUURRRVVVE Palmers cocoa butter. It is so lush and good for my skin, and it smells a bit like chocolate - perfect!!!

  5. I got the peach and raspberry because of you....i lurrrve them :)