Tag: these are a few of my favourite things.....

So i already blogged a similar thing with all my fave body and beauty bits, however Hele and Laura did a fab post on things they love in general and i feel id like to participate..so here goes....


Yep sad but true i loooove this stuff...id chose it over chocolate..yep you heard right!! fried mozzarella being a particular fave!! hehe also despite being super girly i love mice too...i used to have pets ahhhhh!!

*Shabby chic and boudoir:

i love this style...when i get my own pad it going to be one big boudoir! chaise lounges, chandeliers, wooden hearts, lanterns, white wash furniture, mannequins, gold, black, pastel pinks, egg blues, lemons, satin throws, natural wooden floors, trinkets, perfume bottles...yep that's what I'm talking about!! i love french style, soooo lush and girly...good luck to my future hubby!!!


For me these come hand in hand....i am never happier than when I'm in the states...i go every year and would love to live there, id go in a heart beat if it wasn't sooooo difficult!! id probably work in Disney as its just soooo magical!!! its pure happiness...i challenge anyone to not smile in this place!! Que cheesy hol snaps..... couldn't resist a snap of the yummy food...America rocks!


Yep i love critters...my fave animals of all time are pigs and chihuahuas...after 5 years I'm still begging for a dog to grace my handbag!! i love piglets...just too cute and pink of course!! But mainly animals make me smile...oh and why do we find ourselves talking to them??? hehe!!

*Arty shoes:

I love shoes....and mostly i think wow i love those but they're sooooo not wearable..but god they'd look good on the mantle piece lol!!!

So yep those are a few things that rock my world...i love this tag so come on girls keep me entertained and get blogging!! xxxxx


  1. Haha great post, made me smile! I'm so into the whole shabby chic thing too, love it! x x

  2. Aww loved this :) Same as you and Hele, I love shabby chic and boudoir, if I had my way that is EXACTLY how my house would be! We only rent at the mo, so when we get our own place, I am so going to make my mark, hehe!

    x x x