As promised for Kerry Marie I'm going to show how i do self tan!! I have been trained and worked with St.Tropez for 4 years now, and i can honestly say that its the best out there! Being Olive skinned I'll admit it is hard for tan to go wrong on me as any mistakes aren't too obvious, however i still know a bad tan on me when i see one! I also trained with Clarins and i do not rate their tans at all, very orange and smelly lol! I also am not a fan on fake bake...very orange and false looking even om my colouring!!! At work we have a st.tropez spray booth which is fab, i have the palest clients, red heads and eczema skins come in for it and they all love it, so if it works for them...!!

So when i do not get time or cannot be bothered to stay after work and be sprayed i do it all at home, it takes practice to get to know the product but now i think i have created a fool proof method that id like to share...its dead easy as long as you take your time!!! here goes:

*Shower and exfoliate body and face...obvious i know but you will not believe the difference it makes (Ive often been to lazy to do this and regretted it) do not moisturise before a tan as most act as a barrier or have ingredients which turn tan green eeeewww!! Tip: a big no no is leaving underarm deo on....this goes green almost instantly!!
*I use simple moisturizer as its low oil content and thin consistency is fab for tan! i moisturise feel, heels, knees, elbows, hands as these areas can be dry!
*Ok now all prep is done....now i use 2 methods....i use cream formula for a deeper tan that i want to last for a while and the spray for a quicker light application that will be fab for a night out only.

i will go through the cream application first as its the most difficult of the two and least self explanatory lol!
*Ok so i start with my face and i put a pump of tan and the same amount of cream and rub my gloved hands together to mix...then i literally put a hand on each cheek and rub all over face and neck! as it is mixed with cream you have plenty of time to work the tan in so do not panic or rush. make sure little areas like tip of the nose and ears arent forgotten i usually flick whatevers left on my hands after face over my ears as they don't need a lot! do not apply tan under the eye leave a circle around the socket and get some cream and blend outer tan in slightly!!

*After face and neck i move onto chest...very simple, just mix 3 pumps tan with equal cream and rub onto chest boobs and tummy, try and work the tan out to your arm pits as this will be one less thing to think about when doing arms! You may need more or less tan depending on your size and how much you want to tan...e.g i mainly just do areas that will be seen such as arms chest and legs and leave tummy and back!

*Next i do legs...lots of tan needed normally i start on the calf's and use 3 pumps and equal cream. i place each hand on sides of calf so it looks like I'm holding my leg and then used circular motions to work in...do not tan knee yet!!! work down to ankle, by this time you should have very little tan left on hands, i then swoop down with a fanned hand and rub remaining tan into feet. Now for the knee get half a pump of tan and double the cream and just swoop over the knee and behind work upwards to the thigh. Repeat thigh as you did the calf, thighs are easy!!

*I do arms last as if done first creases in the arms can rub tan off! I get 2 pumps tan and equal cream and rub into top of arms avoiding elbow, blend right underneath to join with armpit. One pump tan and cream for lover arm...work this down to the gloves to leave a line. Bend elbow so arm is facing up to ensure you tan underside of arm!! get some cream and rub into elbow using the surrounding tan to work into the area! Now your all done apart from hands which we all know are a tell tale of a bad tan!!
*take gloves off and use not even half a pump of tan and lots of cream, rub palms together and then flick tan over one hand and the other half over the other. fan hands and rub over each other to make sure finger gaps are tanned. rub wrists together to blend harsh line from arms to hands. when done grab a baby wipe and rub palms onto it this should be enough to rid of tan and to not stain!!!

Phew done!! hope its helpful its soooo difficult to explain so if you need any more pics of steps let me know and ill do some!! when i get vids up and running ill deff do a vid on it!!

Now a quick word on the spray method...get the mitt from Marks and Spencer...its very hard to find in the winter as the mitt is amongst the tan products in the summer!! You do not need to moisturise with the spray method. Spray onto mitt and rub in....simple. however you do not get very long to work with the tan before it dries into the skin!! good luck, and let me know how you guys get on and also if you've tried st.tropez b4!!! xxxxx


  1. iv never tried st tropez before, when using the cream and moisturiser method, does the colour come up instantly?thankyou so much for this!!!!

  2. and how long would you wait before getting dressed and what exfoliator is best? i use sanctuary salt scrub but it leaves a residue on my skin and i don't think it works when i tan.

  3. yep colour is instant..its called the guide colour and its there to show you where its been applied. as the tan develops the guide colour will darken so dont be alarmed it will wash of a bit lighter! i usually do my tans b4 bed so wear a strappy top and you can get dressed straight away!! i use st.tropez skin polisher but any gel suspended exfo will do, your right salt scrubs normally contain oils which is a no no before tan xx

  4. thankyou :) its the auto bronzante yeah? x

  5. Have you used Xen-Tan - I swear by it!! The results are fantastic - great post by the way.

  6. god thanks happy1234, i thought it was wayyyy to long so thats reassured me lol!! i tried that at a show and still found st.trop better for me but it looked lovely on the girls selling it :( xx

  7. I guess self tans go different on everyone - I have tried St Tropez and really like it but just find Xen Tan works better on my Skin. Your post was just fine and im sure it will help alot of people out. I like step by step pics. I also use one of those mitts to apply my tan and its so good, mine was form boots under the soltan range. No brown hands for me!!

  8. Great Post, Loved reading this as a relative newbie to self tanning x