Clarins haul xx

Hey guys...

So i think I've mentioned before that i work in a clarins salon??!! Now I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of clarins as i find it more of an older ladies product as it tends to be aimed at that age! Also I'm fickle and like bling packaging...and trust me clarins is far from bling!!! However there are a few products that i do rate, and lucky boss wanted rid of some excess testers...and i was first in line!!! So i picked up the few things i liked and here they are:

*Hydra quench lotion...I've used the cream version and love it so a lotion would be fab for under makeup!
*Hydra quench cooling cream gel...i used this anyways as a night cream so!!!
*Sun cream in factor 10 and 6, this and elemis are the only sun creams i use as i get heat rash with others!
*Ultra matte lotion...for oily times :s
*Eyeliner pencils: brown, violet, khaki..these all have a lush shimmer in them..had my eye on these for a while :)
*Liquid eyeliners in plum..this is fab, thin brush and does not budge as you can see in pic..i rubbed and rubbed!
*Instant light eye base...i haven't tried urban decay primer but this looks similar and works well! *Lipgloss in number 6 and summer fever number 2....Cheryl Cole has these two..the rep told me..sold hehe!!
*Lippys..720-melon and lip quench slim lippy in number 17..these shades are lush on top of myth by mac

Hope you enjoy my sweets!! I may do a vid with swatches! xx


  1. Ooo lucky you! Yeah do a vid :)
    Do you enjoy your job? Just curious, hehe! x x x

  2. yes i do although i feel a bit brain numb sometimes....i want more of a challenge in life so i want to teach beauty or become a party planner later xx

  3. Aww, yeah I know the feeling. I'm currently a PA (who knows for how long, boo), but I know I could do something more challenging. Party planning would be fab, haha, we should start a company!!! Party planners and beauty junkies on the side!

    I came onto your blog to say that (cheesy as this will sound) I really love you, haha! Yours is one of my fave blogs, you are so gorgeous and I just love hearing what you have to say!

    x x x

  4. I have indeed got facebook:

    ADD ME!!!

    x x x