Quest for curls continues.....

I blogged about curling my hair last night...and as you might discover I'm obsessed with using different methods to curl!! I have very thick, heavy hair that holds a lot of it takes forever to dry and it reacts to humidity in a bad way!! so for me curls are hard to achieve and my curl rarely lasts the night in a hot sweaty nightclub...but hey we never like what we have do we lol!! also i would think i was useless at curling hair, but my hairdresser has the same gripes with my hair and can't get a decent look with tongs! Well all the above was when i only tried tongs....tongs for me are no way hot enough to hold curls in my hair...since getting to grips with my ghds the curl even lasts through to the next day! I need serious heat!!!!

So after watching a lot of vids on you tube i noticed a lot of Philippine girls were using the Enzo Millano curler, now as Philippine girls tend to have thick hair too i thought id give it a whirl!! so off to eBay i went and bagged one for £14..bargain!! I wasnt holding out too much hope as curlers dont get hot enough for my iron locks...but wow...these are worth the hype! Love the fact that they come with a heat proof mitt so you can really wrap the ends all in without burnage!! also a prob i had with tongs is the kink at the end as i could never quite get the tips in :(

So anyway i'll stop's the look, see what you think compared to the ghd method in my previous blog...if enough people think its ok i will do a vid on it :)

soooo many pics i know....

I wont write a massive step by step as i will hopefully do a vid...but all you do is wrap hair round the curler which is just a rod...hold for 10 secs and release...if i wanted this style to last for a night out i would spray each section before i roll but i wanted a real natural wavy look so i didn't!!

here's what i prepped my hair with:

*Tigi fashionista shamp and cond

*Tigi small talk..for volume!

*Tigi camera ready for shine

*Elnette hair spray..i backcombed the roots slightly before i curled for vavavoooom!!

oh and really natural make up looked much prettier in person :( stuuupid camera!!

*Mac: nw25 base, nw25 concealer, paint pot bare study, naked lunch e/s, mulch e/s, fluid line nightfish, harmony blush, cream blush lune!

*YSL: touche eclat, faux clis mascara, volupte lippy 2!

*Dior: light tan bronzer!


  1. oh and p.s tell me if you guys can enlarge these on ure pc? just wanna make sure that you can and if not y???? xxx

  2. OMG...lovely hair, and I LOVE the top, where is it from if you don't mind me asking? x x x

  3. ha good old dotty p's!!! i loved the rosette flowers on it xx

  4. I want those tongs now lol I can't enlarge the pics, try this:

    Read the paragraph labelled drag & drop breaks code

  5. Okay, Awesome post! I love the results after using your new curler are you ever going to use old ones? Out of all of the techniques you tired is this one the most superior? I like it!! I want to get curls I have shorter hair but I am always worried to wear them out because they don't look right or never seem evenly or perfectly curled. You ever see those girls with shiny hair that have nice curls with mousse or hair spray so they are tight? Yeah, I wouldn't want to touch my hand through it but they look so perfect!! I want to achieve a look I feel confident in but I really am digging yours nice post!

  6. omgoodness! your hair is to dye for!!! whenever I try to curl my hair it just wont stay! :( xx

  7. Which foundation is in nc25 ?? Beautiful skin!!!