TAG alert......10 songs!!

What a fab idea Laura! now this is gunna be kinda hard for me as im mainly into older songs so they may feature in the top ten lol!! my ipod is crammed with the biggest mixture of songs from funky house to reggae...i don't follow any one kind of music although cheesy classics will always rank high with me lol!! ok so sorry if they're not all up to date ones but here is what gets played on my ipod the most at the mo:::

*Kings of Leon.....use somebody!

Yep its a recent one, i love this guys voice, kinda makes you think he'd be uber sexy but urrrr no :(

*Duffy...I'm scared!

Heard this when i went to see bride wars and love love love it!! again a new one...I'm doing well!

*MGMT...electric feel

Not my usual style but i love this band...again i got wind of this band through a film called "21", the song was time to pretend...and i like their sound!!

*Keisha white..weakness in me

Love this girls voice...such a meaningful song too!!

*Dolly parton...9 til 5!

Yeah my signature song...know all the words, dance moves...yeah I'm a geek..we love you dolly!

*Eagle eye cherry....falling in love again and save tonight

I love this guy wher'd he go???!!

*Billie myers...kiss the rain!

Old school but i love this song!

*Paul Simon.....call me al!

Absolute feel good sing a long song!!

*Tracey Chapman...fast car!

I play this on most road trips...classic!!

*GooGoo dolls...iris

Gorgeous lyrics!

God i could go on for ages with my 80's play list lol...don't wanna bore you tho hehe!! xx


  1. LOL - I like 80's too - most of the time that's what I'm listening to in my car (since I'm all alone and there's nobody around to make fun of me)...

  2. Haha I know exactly what you mean about the king of leon guy, what a letdown! x

  3. Hehe, Tiff (can I call you that?!) you would have LOVED where I went out on Friday night, to a club called Reflex, and it's purely 80's tunes!!! x x x

  4. hehe laura we have a reflex near me in peterborough...loves it and chicagos!!! you can callme tiff hun!!! xx

  5. Ha, great minds think alike, I got tagged as well and had Dolly Parton 9 to 5 in my top 10 today!

    Just discovered your blog, keep up the good work.

    Am quite new to the makeup blogging world so am trying to make some new virtual friends :)