Im NC...mac tips....haul!

Remember my NW/NC mac foundation dilemma....well i think a mac consultant named Ben has answered my prayers! I'm posting this one because I'm very excited that i have found my perfect foundation shade and two because this seems a common problem and i wish id had this advice earlier!!!!

So as said before Ive worn NW25 for 4 years, then out of the blue a mac consultant told me i am most definitely a cool tone as i have golden undertones and not red ones!! so on her advice she sent me away with a tester of NC35....eeekk i looked jaundice and washed i just assumed she was wrong and went back to NW25....however now i started looking hard at my foundation and noticing it was too orange/red on me..grrr!

So in Nottingham yesterday i met an angel called Ben hahaha! he was fab...if your ever in notts go see him..he knows his stuff!!! So i tell him my dilemma and straight away he says "are you mixed blood" and i thought yesssss, why that got anything to do with it???? So here's what he told me: basically if you have 2 or more different ethnicity's in you then the yellow and red can conflict making it really hard to did he know this...he was half and half he really knew his stuff and had gone through the same dilemma as me!! he also gave a tip of looking at your veins on the wrist area! if they are more blue in colour your more likely to be cool toned, and if they're more blue your warm!! Now mine in his words were aqua, haha so right in the middle of green and blue!! basically if your two tones you need to go very high up in the NC he gave me NC43....amazing much darker than the NC35 i was given before and it didn't wash me out...i didn't look yellow fab!! so thank you Ben...age old prob finished with yay!! so girlie's try and find a mixed blood consultant if your having similar probs as me...chances are they will know more as they've experienced the same prob lol!!!

Ok and another insight from my new friend ben....i dont know wether to be happy or annoyed...i mentioned i was a beauty therapist and out he pulls a card...a pro membership card??????

How frickin annoying after 4 years and hundreds of pounds spent i find out that i could of saved 25% on all purchases...and got access to pro colours online!! oh my god I'm super excited but also i could of saved a heads up girlie's if your in hair or beauty in any way please ask about this.....don't miss out!!

Sorry for the babbling post but hey i couldn't wait to tell you guys so i suppose its just rambled out lol!! oh and here's a quick haul.....other items i didn't take pics of are all that glitters eyeshadow and 217 brush xxxxx

Sunbasque blush, honey lust, amber lights, twinks xx


  1. Wow all that time you where really NC43!! I think i better go back and try another few colours Because NW25 is definatley too pink for me:( Why are things so difficult lol

  2. hmm i kno how u feel i went on wearing nw as i trusted what they said even tho i found it too red for me!! its ok as night foundation but in the day it looked too false!! it makes sense tho with the mixed blood thing doesnt it xx

  3. hallelujah , i'm mixed lol im half black 1/4 italian and 1/4 white. I have been wearing NW25 and it makes me look so wierd and doesnt match. so i have to go back :).
    I was wondering do you think my mom could get s pro card because she is doing a NVQ in beauty ??
    What do you think sweetie :)
    Thanks for the information :).

  4. ooooooooh i think i need to find myself a "ben" too, sometimes the mac mua's can be so unhelpful :(

    and i have amberlights, its SO pretty :D

  5. hey tiffany, does that mean if im studying beauty at colege, i can get 25% with a pro card?

  6. and what base do you use for your eyeshadow?

  7. im not sure about training as on the card i have to send proof of certificates etc so i dunno id email them...they do reply!! eyeshadow base i use either:
    *mac bare study paint pot
    *mac shadestick in beige-ing
    *mac paint in bare canvas

    all are neutral and fab at holding colour!! xx

  8. Very Interesting...

    what are u exactly mixed with??? I'm mixed too.

  9. have you tried painterly? thats what i was thinking of as my base.

  10. my dad is half sweedish and quater of spanish and sri lanken....basically im a mongrel lol!! urm no kerry i havent tried painterly had a look tho and it looks fab neutral!! xx

  11. I am so jealous that you can get a pro card! I'd loke to be able to pick from all the pro products... You lucky girl. I had a similar dilemma with foundation recently, but I'm too pale to go higher up in the NC's. I generally just have to try both colours in whatever foundation I'm buying to find the one that works for me...

  12. I find the NC/NW thing confusing too - I guess I have pinkish pale skin, so they gave me NW20 to wear - I was never convinced about it though as it just make me pinker! Finally another MUA used NC20 on me and REVLELATION - it's perfect. Go figure.

  13. Beautiful colours :) I have mac honestly(?) too! But I'm not so clever with eyeshadow, so haven't used it so much yet :p