Kiko skin evolution concealer...used to contour

I love contour...and its crazy to think that before i saw THIS image i never knew about it and the chubby concealing wonders it could offer ;))

I have toyed with buying the Bobbi Brown foundation sticks for a while....the price tag stopped me however...who wants to spend £50 plus on contouring alone...not me!

So when i saw these beauty's in Kiko i got a wee bit excited...and then proceeded to purchase straight away! FYI these are in the shades 1 and 8.

The texture is easy to work with, full coverage and the colour pay off is true and not muddy...which makes for baddddd contour!  I scribble on the dark anywhere that i need sculpting- so, underneath my cheekbones, sides of my nose, sides of forehead and under my chin (ta,ta double chin) and then pop the lighter colour anywhere that i require brightness and highlight- so, length of the nose, apples of cheeks, base of chin and cupids bow.

I blend either with my beauty sponge or a stiff domed brush and then apply foundation.  To add to the contour i always hollow the cheeks out with MAC's Harmony blush which is the perfect contour colour.

Have you tried these?

T xxx

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