Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick - Coral...

I have never had such a love hate relationship with a lip product before.

I want to love this...I feel like I should love this because it packs such a hefty price tag in my opinion...but I just don't know!!

I first saw this product on Amrezy...she has a similar colouring to me and as she is stunning I naturally had to have this gorgeous lip colour. 

Now, I don know about you but I was shocked when I saw this priced at £19 via ASOS.  I feel the whole packaging and feel of the product does not suffice this...I pay a little more for my YSL Rouge volupte lipsticks which feel and look very luxurious to me...and so they should for that kind of price.  So already I felt a little underwhelmed.

Second dislike for me is the applicator...this fuzzy doe foot applicator does not do it for me at all.  Its messy and does not feel nice to apply as it doesn't allow the product to "glide" if you like across my lips.  I can imagine on a "dry lip day" this feeling would be even worse..yikes.

The third and final dislike for me is that this product is extremely the point where it kind of leaves patches of colour after its first applied.  Like my review on Revlons Audacious...which strangely is of a similar colour...the product tends to almost "ball" and leaves a very grainy texture behind...I hope I've done an ok-ish job in explaining it...but hey, im sure you know what im talking about!

Now- that said...I do love both the colour and pigmentation of this product.  The colour really suits me when I have a tan as it is an extremely bright colour.  The product also did last a good 5 hours on me.

All in all, would I rave about this product? No.  However im going to try and work out better ways to use it (popping a gloss over it or applying with a lip brush) as quite frankly for the price of it im going to make sure it doesn't lay dormant in my make up draw!!!

Have you tried this colour- or do you agree and find this rage to be drying/overpriced?

Link- if you fancy trying this for yourself...

T xxx


  1. I hate it when you buy an expensive product and then it's not what you were expecting. It looks nice on you but then again if you don't feel like it does the job, it is okay to find ways to make you love it more! x

    Crissy | My Cup Of Tea

  2. I really want to try these as they look so good to me- I hope I like them!
    Laura | A Life With Frills