Pamper evening...

As part of my new years resolutions i promised myself that i would put aside one evening a week to have a full all over body/hair pamper.

Below are my essentials right now:

  • Nivea double effect eye make up remover - link
  • The sanctuary hot sugar scrub - link
  • OPI Avoplex cuticle oil - link
  • Lush bubble bar..this is the remainder of an old Christmas one :)
  • Champneys skin softening body butter - link
  • Decleor Aroma cleanse - link
  • Elemis fruit active mask - link
  • K-pak colour therapy conditioner - link
  • Boots coconut oil

I trot off to the bathtub with this lovely lot in tow, give my hair a wash and then slap on lots of conditioner and then set about giving myself a mini facial whilst that's getting to work.
Whilst my face mask is on i use the sanctuary scrub all over- this usually acts as a prep for any tanning later on also. 

Once I'm all done in the tub i will then slather on the body butter and oil my cuticles and nails...I then use coconut oil on my extra dry areas such as feet, elbows etc...and that's it.  I could have gone overboard with the products...but i think this routine i can actually stick to.  
Any more and i fear it would have become a time drain and a chore..which will leave to me not keeping it up!!

Do you have pamper evenings- if so, what are your favourite products?

T xxx

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