Lush heart throb bubble bar...

Valentines is fast approaching...sigh.  

For the singletons amongst us...myself included, this does not conjour up images of conjours up images of scoffing, microwave meals for one, chocolate and bubble baths...alone lol!!!

Thank god for lush...for this year i will not be spending valentines alone- ill be spending it with this bad boy...

With scents of frangipan, vanilla and geranium its a very comforting and luxurious scent.  The bath turns a lovely scarlet red and there is oodles of glitter to go around.  This bubble bar is very moisturising as it contains a splat of shea butter in the middle- its like a little macaroon of love!

So, if you are alone this valentines i suggest you purchase this...lets mope together :)

T xxx

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